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Debugging with network conditions using Xcode

When developing apps, you are probably in an environment with stable and fast network connection, this is great while debugging. But how do we know the app will work in a less stable environment? Like when you are on the move switching from WiFi to a mobile network, or opening the app in the train while entering a tunnel? Does your app handle these use-cases correctly? 

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AVRoutePickerView replaces MPVolumeView for AirPlay

AVRoutePickerView has been introduced in iOS 11 and always users to select playback routes. During WWDC’19 Apple announced that AVRoutePickerView will be in favor for selecting an AirPlay device and will deprecate route button configurations in MPVolumeView! This blogpost will help you update your app to use the AVRoutePickerView.

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Swift Opaque Result Types

WWDC 2019 has just passed and a lot of new features were introduced! The one that really got my attention was Swift 5.1 new opaque result type. This blogpost will try to explain what this new type does using examples from SwiftUI! 

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Concurrent vs Serial Dispatch Queues

Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) dispatch queues are a powerful tool for performing tasks. Dispatch queues let you execute blocks of code either asynchronously or synchronously. You might have heard the terms serial and concurrent queues when investigating GCD. In this blog post, I will try to explain the difference.

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Mocking Alamofire

When using third party libraries, it can be challenging writing test code to allow mocking. Especially for code that includes networking, you do not want to test your network connection or your backend service. You want to test your logic around the networking. This blog post will show you how to enable mocking for the network library Alamofire.