Developing an app with DiffableDataSource

Pragma Conference – October 2019
Datasources in Swift can be quite a hassle, especially when you are updating index paths with a nice animation. Sometimes we even encounter the crash Invalid update: invalid number of items on UICollectionView. We usually resolve this crash by writing .reloadData() but then we lose our nice animation.

The DiffableDataSource will resolve this for us! The talk will cover the implementation of the new datasource for new or existing projects. Unfortunately the new datasource is not backwards compatible, so the talk will also cover some implementation details to support iOS 12 and below.

Video: Developing an app with DiffableDataSource
Slides: Developing an app with DiffableDataSource

Functional programming

Swift Usergroup Netherlands – August 2018
Ever since the first version of Swift you had the ability to do functional operations in the form of map, filter and reduce. Swift since then has become a more and more functional language with paradigms like FRP and RX.

Video: Functional programming